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Mark writes –

Last Sunday about 50 DIYers in Sydney got together to put amateur rocket motors onto an assortment of vehicles. Hilarity – and some lessons on aerodynamics – ensued. (Check out the pictures and the YouTube videos.)

rocketcar day 9 – Link.

  • jswilson64

    Post your shrill, overzealous safety diatribe here!


    Did you notice that one little yellow car on the left has already done a 180 and is heading back towards the starting line? That’d make me run for cover!

  • TheThompsonFive

    Thank you jswilson64 for heading that one off at the pass.

  • jswilson64

    Thanks! It’s the least I could do.

    I’m actually surprised the photographer actually captured 4 small rocket motors belching fire. They have such short burn times, it’s hard to time it and get anything but smoke. And I LOVE the Wile-E-Coyote ACME “detonator” the two kids are activating. Great touch!

  • pvlman

    LOL So much for the ESTES warning label cautioning against such use of their motors. Some are airborne, I guess that should qualify them as an aircraft or rocket.