Rob continues his pursuit of sun powered cooking with a homemade 12 foot solar collection satellite dish, here’s the latest… and a VHS tape too – Link.

  • cockerham

    Although it isn’t exactly useful yet, it sure looks awesome and is incredible to see in action. I definitely need to set up some speed challenges vs. a microwave oven.

  • cockerham

    It will ignite a 2×4 in 20 seconds.

  • satype

    Rob, this is the first time I’ve seen you tagged on the Make blog before, but I’ve been waiting for you to have an article in Make forever!!! Maybe a combination of costume design and pyramid scheme busting?

  • Unomi

    Isn’t it possible to put a tube just over the focuspoint and let water run through it?

    It think when at a camp you can have warm (hot?) water in a minute. Ok, one have to adjust the dish every so often. But the idea to have some heated water?

    Or will the tube melt? Any ideas what kind of material withstands such heat?

    – Unomi –

  • Russtang

    Very cool!

    I bought this giant fresnel lens a couple years ago.

    The kids and I have great fun melting pennies, golf balls, asphalt… ;) Just remember to wear welding goggles if you enjoy your sight. Staring at that concentrated point of light for any amount of time will leave nice big spots on your retinas…for hours. Trust me!