Paul writes –

I got one of those battery extenders the other week and have been working through several years worth of “dead” batteries. At $40 for the device, if these all get used just once more, it paid for itself. And I assume I can get more than one re-use out of each one. Admittedly, each additional use cycle will be shorter, but if offered a 90¢ return on each dollar, then 75¢, then 60¢, then 50¢ etc. who wouldn’t take it?

Battery charger – it paid for itself – Link.

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  • mastershake916

    I just use an old rechargeable alkaline charger, works just as well and cost me only like $13 like 5 years ago.

  • fstedie

    the problem with using other chargers is that they may not charge at a rate that is adequate for alkalines. Too much heat, too much juice or too much charge time can rupture the batteries.

    someone correct me if I’m wrong