Monopole writes –

Here’s a really neat 6″ Aperture Dobsonian telescope which can be broken down into a 11″ cube and a pair of slats as an airline carry-on! Also check out the guy’s first model which looks a bit simpler to make

6″ f/5 Airline transportable Dobsonian – Link.

  • monopole

    The Mark II 6″ cube version is actually at this Link although the Mark I design pictured and in the link above looks easier to make. But it has a base which has to be carried in checked baggage.
    Both are great designs!

  • http://ungaman.wordpress.com/ Julio Vannini

    Hello, thanks for sharing this idea. Is there a way to get the plans for construction?

    Clear skies!

  • http://www.abdelhaksalim.com peintre

    Thank You.