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  • cosmonot

    just screwing a 1/4-20 bolt into the bottom of a camera until it bottoms out is pretty dangerous, if you want to keep the camera intact. it would be much safer to use the 1/4-20 stud to hold the camera snugly to a flat surface that would spread the load over the bottom of the camera. I would use something more substantial than the “wing nut” suggested in the instructable.

    this is especially good for a consumer-grade point & shoot that may not even have a metal tripod socket. take a look at the head on just about any tripod manufactured in the last hundred years… and these were designed to work well at 0mph. imagine the stresses at 50 MPH +.

  • Owner Operator Trucking Software

    Thats really a great idea. BTW where do you guys get those idea. Relaly awesome