Weird old-timey looking web cam from this Chinese import site – [via] Link.

  • thesamurai

    I thought FOR SURE the word “steampunk” would be used…

  • uncleplayground

    Made in China, eh? Recall for lead in 5, 4, 3, 2, …

  • AlephNull

    I think it’d make a good mold for casting. Would make a great housing for a good webcam, if it was brass.

  • Anonymous Jerk

    Yes, definitely steam punk-esque, and too bad it’s probably plastic. Very cool looking, though.

  • Sam C

    If you search on ebay for “LED webcam”, you’ll find a bunch that look similar to this – a bit cheaper than this model. $10 + $15 S&H.

    Though, the do look like crappy plastic. Someone buy one and let us know. :p

  • Sam

    I bought one. :-p
    I don’t really care if it’s cheap plastic since I’ll probably end up mounting it on my desk (or wall) and not really touching it a whole lot after I adjust it to the proper height and angle and all that fun stuff.

    Report to come when it comes in (I’ll bet after Christmas since it I did choose the cheapest shipping option).