This is the type of interactive clothing that requires no batteries or circuits. Just grab the included washable marker, scribble down your thoughts on your chest, and wear your creation throughout the day. Throw it in the wash that night and the cycle repeats itself until the speech bubble gets too cracked to write on and you’re forced to order another one.

Magical Talk Bubble – Link

  • OneEyedMan

    That’s a speech bubble, not a thought bubble. A thought bubble has three little circles leading up to a bubble.

  • tyler durden

    I already HAVE a personality. It does not come from my shirt.


  • Lisa R.

    If you wash the shirt wrong-side out and hang it up to dry instead of using the dryer, it should last pretty indefinitely. The same goes for any shirt with an iron-on transfer.

  • Jason

    If the bubble was made from a appliqué bit of PVC, then it might last longer than something that was printed onto the cotton fabric.

  • IW

    Cranberry is not a color. Cranberry is a fruit.