This phone was made to look like a pack of smokes and it can also hold a half a pack of cigarettes in the back…- [via] Link.

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It could be a nicotine fueled response to the cell jammers (both commercial and DIY) which also fit inside packs of cigarettes too. Pictured above, I believe this one was from “advanced-intelligence” – Link.

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And there’s the open source hardware version, the WaveBubble – Link.

  • The Thompson Five

    The advanced-intelligence jammer looks suspiciously like the adafruit jammer, but they are claiming twice the range she does without an external antenna. That would really suck if these guys are selling a devices she put in all the work on when she herself cannot even sell a kit due to FCC regs.

  • urdumb

    @The Thompson Five

    She got the cigarette idea FROM them. They were first.

  • robot

    search for phone jammer, the $40 version is great

  • Ima Troll

    @ urdumb

    [citation needed]

  • Ryan

    Reminds me of the short story “A Piece of Wood” by Ray Bradbury.

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    That’s a pretty cool idea, but that particular cell phone jammer is so small, why do you need to conceal it?

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  • 123 123

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  • Anonymous

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