Lrg Anti Hitch Shocker
Shocking anti-hitcher device, Link.

Lrg Tread Skates
Roller (tank) skates – Link.

  • Maxd

    I had the same plan as the first one for bike anti theft,
    using disposable cameras for the juice and putting the eletrodes on the handle bar.

  • Dug North

    I had no idea that this was ever a problem requiring fix. Were the riders sitting on the bumper itself?

    Growing up in Vermont, we would occasionally grab a bumper with both hands and crouch — riding on the soles of our boots over snow. It wasn’t something you could do over any great distance, nor was it for the timid.


    Dug North

  • matseng

    Can it fix the problem with those Saudi guys that hangs onto a car going 100 mph and skates on their sandals? :-)

    Saudi sandal skating

  • Ethan

    I remember seeing something like those skates on tv back in the late 80’s. The idea was that a downhill skier could use them on grass during the summer as a way of training in the absence of snow.

  • worf

    a direct successor to this roller tank technology are modern grass ski.

  • GaryG

    So is ‘kink’ the old word for a ‘make’?

    Resurrect it I say, we need more kinkiness on this site. ;)

  • Dug North

    One old usage of the word kink seems to mean something like fix, jig, setup, or hack. It is implied that this is something done post-manufacture by the owner/user.

    It’s used often in an old book I have from 1929 entitled How to Make It.


    Dug north