Following up on the guitar hacks theme, this guitar pc case mod seems like a nice way to show your love for rock while simultaneously destroying a pretty nice acoustic guitar. Unfortunately there are no specs available for building it, but it looks pretty easy to do, cut a hole in a guitar, stick a PC inside, and make a few holes for ventilation and speakers.

Guitar computer – Link

  • Irregular Shed

    There’s a various obvious flaw here – the guitar sound box is designed to amplify vibrations, like the vibrations from guitar strings or, erm, fans. So you’ll end up with a noisy PC very, very easily…

  • Noisy PC?

    Isn’t that the point? I mean, if you’re trying for a “various obvious” result, Jimi Hendrix would be jealous.

  • Paul

    This is simultaneously glorious and atrocious. I love the idea and the look, but the fact that a beautiful instrument was mutilated to make it sickens me.

  • samurai1200

    hmm… speakers built INTO a guitar. that part got my attention…