This $22,000 re-configurable networked camera array is built with off-the-shelf components. Consisting of 48 Axis 205 network cameras mounted on 6 linear guides, the cameras can each capture 640×480 rez video at 30 fps. Pretty nice setup for a relatively cheap rig considering the massive amount of tech behind it.

The Self-Reconfigurable Camera Array – Link

  • Mitch P.

    Okay, it’s impressive, but I’m not sure what the point is. If the stuff being photographed is more than a few meters away, then they will largely be taking the same scene. There will be some parallax information, but not much more than you would get from 3 well placed cameras.

    But CMU usually has pretty smart people, so I must be missing something.

  • kwa

    I can’t seem to load their page, but I too am lost as to the purpose of this.

  • Hackius

    Haven’t you two seen the matrix?

  • bbot

    Why did they use Axis cameras? Did the original proposal not cost enough money, so they switched to stupidly expensive IP cameras? And not only that, but they apparently used gigabit interconnect! Unless you’re transmitting your 640×480 30hz stream uncompressed, you sure as hell don’t need a full gigabit.