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Ken writes –

Here is a link to a model rocket company called Quest. I just found a DIY project on their site that let’s you make an Inclinometer (a tool that allows you to measure the height of an object by angle). I downloaded the files and built one – it works great for telling exactly how high the trees are on our backlot property (admittedly – the “real” use is for telling the height of a flying rocket). I remember building one of these as a kid using a protractor and string. This new type is light years ahead.. and pretty cool!

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One Response to DIY Inclinometer: The SKYSCOPE

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  1. Glen-the-rocket-scientist on said:

    I’m a BAR now living in Elmhurst, IL. I just downloaded this Skyscope project to work with our cub scouts – it’s cool, it works AND it’s free. Good find guys!

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