This is a good starting point for making your own electronic post-it note. Be warned, this is not a beginner project to say the least. The author admits a Basic Stamp is not the ideal micro-controller. Maybe an Arduino would be better? – Link

  • Graham

    The Parallax propeller is the obvious choice

  • Mats Engstrom

    @Graham: A Propeller? Are you joking? Why not a Cray XMT for real overkill….

    A microcontroller as the Propeller with eight 32-bit cores is definitely not the obvious choice fro a project that doesn’t need any high performance multitasking power.

    Any fairly recent midrange 8-bit AVR or PIC would be an immensely better choice for this,

  • FriedPope

    How about an Parallax SX28. Cheaper than an AVR, easier than a PIC.