Amy at Angry Chicken shows you how to easily attach bias tape with a sewing machine, in this video tutorial.

  • Jessica

    As cute as this was, this actually is not how to make bias tape, it is how to sew a seam binding. To make bias tape you have to cut and fold strips.
    I don’t see why you’d need to sew twice to do this, I can do the exact same thing in one stitch, it’s how I’ve been doing it since I started. Just wrap the tape around and sew the top stitching. The video didn’t explain any benefits for this method.
    Cute video though.

  • lisa

    cute, but next time perhaps amy can explain how to neatly apply bias tape around a curve.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you I found it useful

  • Chrystal

    Thanks for the tutorial Amy, this was exactly what I needed. :)