This mechanically scanned laser display allows you to project text onto any surface using a laser beam. The project uses one light source and mirrors to scan the display surface. Pretty nice application, we wonder how far away this can actually project.

Mechanically scanned laser display, [via]

  • nelsonii

    That’s a pretty cool idea. I see how he gets the horizontal lines, but I’m not sure how he gets the vertical element? Something like a Nipkow disk? Resolution is probably dependent on the size of the rotating element.

    I’d love to see this with a green laser, I’m sure that would be more than powerful enough (though the letters would be huge).

  • Spikenzie

    Nice job!

    I’m working on a similar project but using a slightly different technique. Check it out, My Laser Display Project

  • Spikenzie
  • David Stafford

    Very cool!
    I see an immediate app for my house. Assuming I can make one, I will set it up so it will be read on the wall close to the ceiling above the TV. I will add eithernet to the input so it will display scheduled events (visual alarm clock) like “Time to get the kids to bed”, “Aniversary in 2 days” along with MAKEZINE’s RSS feed.
    This will be uber useful!

  • JennaSys

    The vertical element is achieved by putting each of the 8 mirrors at a slightly different angle so that you end up with 8 raster lines. This is a pretty low level (though elegant in it’s simplicity) solution as opposed to using a moveable mirror for the vertical axis as in most other designs I’ve seen. Nice job!