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  • nelsonii

    That’s a pretty cool idea. I see how he gets the horizontal lines, but I’m not sure how he gets the vertical element? Something like a Nipkow disk? Resolution is probably dependent on the size of the rotating element.

    I’d love to see this with a green laser, I’m sure that would be more than powerful enough (though the letters would be huge).

  • Spikenzie

    Nice job!

    I’m working on a similar project but using a slightly different technique. Check it out, My Laser Display Project

  • Spikenzie
  • David Stafford

    Very cool!
    I see an immediate app for my house. Assuming I can make one, I will set it up so it will be read on the wall close to the ceiling above the TV. I will add eithernet to the input so it will display scheduled events (visual alarm clock) like “Time to get the kids to bed”, “Aniversary in 2 days” along with MAKEZINE’s RSS feed.
    This will be uber useful!

  • JennaSys

    The vertical element is achieved by putting each of the 8 mirrors at a slightly different angle so that you end up with 8 raster lines. This is a pretty low level (though elegant in it’s simplicity) solution as opposed to using a moveable mirror for the vertical axis as in most other designs I’ve seen. Nice job!