Who Tall
A Maker sent this in (Suck.uk.com), it’s a mirror (when positioned correctly) shows how tall you are compared to famous people, this would be a fun “remake” to create on your own but using friends, family, other versions of yourself if you’re growing “me at 10” “me at 11” and later when you’re shrinking, “me at 90″….

  • Lars

    “I’m not sure where it’s from”
    7 seconds with google…

  • Luke

    She is either really tall or that mirror is incorrectly postioned – clint eastwood is 6’4

  • melisa

    Uhhh….that mirror is wrong anyways. Kid rock is 6′ tall. Charles Barkley is 6′-7″. It’s on IMDB.

  • Anonymous

    Sauce on girl in OP.

  • AuSable

    If you really look at the picture, there is a URL printed at the bottom of the mirror.