Just a bit of crafty fun spotted on the TV airwaves. I love this skit that aired on Saturday Night Live this weekend called “Indoor Gardening Tips from a Man Who’s Very Scared of Plants” starring a deadpan Christopher Walken. He puts googly eyes on all his plants from cactuses to ferns so they aren’t so “scary”. Thanks Bonnie!

  • Amanda

    I love those GIANT googly eyes in the back! They would be fun to have.

  • Jessica

    I want to watch again and see how many times Christopher Walken says ‘googly eyes.’ lol

  • pomly

    I love this skit so so much!

  • Anonymous

    The BEST is when he gets caught off guard and shrieks “Ahhh”

  • Ingrid

    Please please please can someone upload this vid on Youtube so I can watch it here in Europe?! I saw it on TV and just HAVE to see it again, it’s the best ever! I almost died laughing!