Here is another fantastic artwork by Shulgin and Chernyshev. Unfortunately, this is all the information I found on YouTube.

Urgently! is an info-sculpture that explores such phenomena as information overload, Web 2.0 and information aesthetics. News coming from the Internet in real time, is thrown right away into a giant recycle bin in order to be updated at the next moment. A snake-like LED display coming in and out the bin shows the RSS feeds from various news channels. Urgently! metaphorically represents digital data – an endless flow of information that is updated every second and gets obsolete and trashed immediately after that. The piece is wirelessly connected to a computer network in order to retrieve the data. A user can select news channels and control update period.

Here is the YouTube link

  • Jayenkai

    God I hate modern “Art”..

    That’s not art.
    That’s a really useful piece of tech, being put to a really useless function!

    • Marc de Vinck


      Hmmm, useful piece of tech, and useless function? I see it in the complete opposite way. I see a useless piece of tech turned into something useful. I love the idea of us seeing it in a completely different way.

      Not to start a fight, (educational purposes only) but this is contemporary art. Modern Art is a period of time from approximately 1900 (or a few years earlier, say late 1880’s) to approximatley the 1970’s. Contemporary art is from 1970’s until right now.

      You hate Contemporary art, not Modern. Either way, it is a shame….but I totally respect your opinion.

      Have you seen this?

      It seems to make a lot of people crazy, and maybe that is the point. It starts discussions and brings awareness.

  • Windell Oskay

    It’s *beautiful*.

  • Carlos Afonso

    Biography of one of the artists

    • Marc de Vinck

      Thanks for the link.

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