I’m told that one of the most popular projects at the CRAFT table at Maker Faire is our friend Becky Stern’s electronic embroidery. If you’re into crafting, all it takes is a little conductive thread and you can make your own fabric gadgets.

Becky posted an introduction to electronic embroidery on the CRAFT blog today and I think I just learned how to backstitch. Her introduction shows how to wire up a couple of LEDs and a switch, but there are a lot of directions to take this. Of particular interest is the LilyPad, a tiny sewable Arduino board that’s about the size of a half dollar. There are also various sensors designed around this platform, including sew-friendly accelerometers. There must be a good running jacket idea in there somewhere.

Electronic Embroidery – CRAFT Video Podcast
Conductive Thread and LilyPad Components at SparkFun

  • Pierre

    Maybe, you should know that there is already a “tree” command on linux which does already exactly what you did. It can even have colours.

  • Rob

    That’s still a killer one-liner. Is it wrong that such things make me squeal like an 8 year old getting a new toy?

  • hajo

    tree for Mac OS X is available via: http://rudix.org

    Another tool would be durep.

  • Matt H

    It is a pretty impressive one liner, but a more full-featured port of the Linux tree command is available via MacPorts:


    port install tree

    • Shaun Chapman

      You may prefer to build it from source. I wrote a blog post on how to install it on Mac OS X but it should work for any OS http://bit.ly/6lfSu0