Did you meet your significant other on the Internet? This couple decided to take the advent of their Internet-meeting and eventual wedding to the ultimate level by baking two laptop-shaped wedding cakes, attaching their profiles to the screens, and even connecting them together with a candy ethernet cable with hearts on the plugs. Pretty “sweet” way to proclaim your digital love.

  • Carpespasm

    I hope that they used crossover frosting, or they’re gonna have communication problems.

  • Kai

    I love it!

  • AM

    My wife and I met on an Internet dating site. The Bride and groom atop the cake wire replaced with computer monitors with a our pictures. My aunt is an artist and she sculpted them, and the “Female” computer had shapely legs too.

  • orangesrhyme

    Did nobody notice the heart in the Ethernet cable? Or was it just unacknowledged?

  • Sean

    …therefore I hope it was Kosher…

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