I have to admit, when I first saw this article I thought the office-shed wouldn’t be that great. Then I saw the results, and I want my own office-shed! It’s amazing inside. Even if you have a home office, it can be a great way to get away from other distractions.

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  • Irimia

    It looks like the link is not working.

  • Timothy D. Swieter

    Yes, I confirm the hyperlink is not configured correctly. Please update.

    • Marc de Vinck

      @Timothy & Fernando

      Yep, all fixed! Thanks!

  • Dave Lennox

    Note that the builder lives in San Diego. Those of us in warmer climes would spend a fortune keeping that thing cool in the summer.

    Also, anyone considering this consult your local building codes / tax appraisal rules. Here in Dallas, a shed on a concrete slab counts as “permanent” and its square footage is taxed with the house. Build it on wooden skids, and it’s an untaxed, “temporary” structure.

  • Jason

    Why should that have to be the case, Dave?

    Switch to white shingles, and paint with bright colors (maybe match your house with just the trim). Insulate. Put a vent fan in a high spot perhaps.

    And in an established yard, put the shed somewhere where the south and west sides are shaded. Under a tree (on corner footings if possible, to reduce the root damage), or near a fence (as pictured).