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  • Anon

    Epoxy will not bond to soda bottles. It takes a very special glue to bond with polypropylene plastic.

  • Maxster

    Thanks for the tips Kip!

  • Jonesr

    did bre pettis go?

    i miss that kid. kip kay just isn’t cutting it for me.

  • svalebror

    Thanks, but – where is Mr. Pettis?

  • Justin

    Glad to see some failure. It is such critical part of experimentation. It can teach you so much.

    Kip, why is your vise still not bolted down?

  • KipKay

    @justin. Yes, not all go as planned and then time runs out to make the necessary changes. As far as the vise, I have new garage cabinets and worktops and to be honest have not decided where I want to install it yet. I knew someone would notice. Thanks.