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James Watt, maker of the Solar Thereamin I build a while back, has another really cool project. This time he created 2 pocket synthesizers inspired by the Atari Punk Console and a post on the Voices of Saturn Synth kit. I really hope he turns this into a kit like the solar theremin. [Thanks Jim]

Since I appear to have a lot of altoids tins kicking around I wondered what other musical toys could be housed in ‘em. The mention of The Voice Of Saturn on the Make blog a few weeks back got me onto the ‘atari punk console’ so I put one of ‘em + power and a clock into one tin and a simple analogue sequencer in another tin and I’ve got the heart of a modular synth set-up up and running :) My sequencer was inspired also by the voice of Saturn sequencer but I simplified and modified it so it can run in series or parallel so you can have as many sequential steps as you like. Going to add an LFO next and maybe a solar power supply + whatever other nonsense I can think of.

jw 4 Pocket Synths by James Watt

A little more about Pocket Synths by James Watt

Marc de Vinck

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