Anticipating the Green Wave by almost 30 years, Jack gets rid of gas. (1978)

This is crazy, Jack Nicholson had a hygrogen car (created with solar) over 30 years ago.

  • Travis

    Great for Jack!

    My only problem now is I’m not sure whether to be impressed by a wealthy celebrity who is responsible and takes (took?) global warming seriously, or depressed because after 30 years we still have made very little progress in implementing these hydrogen-burning wonder cars and their fuel.

    Maybe the real problem is “We can’t HANDLE the TRUTH!” (lol)


    I wonder if this car is still around. It is my understanding that one of the major problems with running engines on pure hydrogen is embrittlement of the metal, meaning that they are prone to damage and probably have short lives.

    Still, though, where the hell is my future i was promised?!

  • Peter

    So what the hell happened?! Why aren’t we driving hydrogen cars right now? If they could run a car on hydrogen 30 years ago, why are hydrogen vehicles still largely experimental?

  • vivi

    Perhaps, just perhaps, the multi-billion dollar oil industry which has its buddies in all the governments of the world has something to do with it.

  • kaerrr

    I can’t figure out where in the US or Canada she’s from with her pronunciation of “ar” sound.

    solaerrr power
    haerrrder to put this car down..

  • My Pet Fly

    That nice lady has a fabulous hairdo. I wonder where she gets it done?

    Aside from that, has much progress been made on storing the hydrogen? Any idea about how many miles can be driven on a tank of (literally) gas?