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It looks like plastic made from a potato is a lot more flexible and clear compared to plastic made from milk. Either one is a nice eco-friendly alternative to the petroleum based variety. Although I think it’s actual usefulness may be a bit limited.

In this video we make a batch of potato plastic based on an instructable by Brandon121233. For this project you will need potato starch, white vinegar, baking soda, water, and glycerin (which can be found at most pharmacies). The tools for this project are a stove and saucer pan, in addition you’ll need a blender, knife, and peeler if you’re making your own starch.

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milk plastic.jpg

Make Plastic from milk

  • WTF

    I think that guy is Rod Serling reincarnate. Was that like watching the twilight zone for anyone else?

  • Simon

    Actually, most consumer polymers are made with natural gas (CH4); it’s cheaper and easier to work with…

    • Marc de Vinck


      Cool, thanks for the info!

  • Rob

    Jeff Goldblum had a kid?