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This 24kj capacitor discharge bank is configured for 4500v @ 2400uf and can be charged up using microwave oven transformers. When triggered, it can release all of this stored energy in under a millisecond through a triggered spark gap. Check out the video to understand the magnitude of this thing but please, don’t try this at home.

24kj capacitor bank via HackADay

  • Bryce

    The maniacal laughter makes me question of this person is really sane enough to be handling such a deadly device. D:

  • tekproxy

    Did anyone notice that secondary spark? What’s up with that?

    That doll was amazing. Listen to them giggling like … well, like any man would, really. Kudos.

  • ap1.myopenid.com

    or EMT.

    or coroner.

    “You were doing what?”

  • The Oracle

    Having done this on a larger scale in a University Physics lab, I am very surprised it would take a milisecond to discharge this. My guess would have been in the fraction of a microsecond range. Maybe if they have a resistive load in one of the leads, it will slow the discharge rate.

  • mlange.myopenid.com

    Obvious cat is obvious?

  • ep

    last laugh coming soon…

  • Bob D

    Love the complete and total lack of safety equipment. That bucket seems to protect (quite poorly) everything but what is right in front of the opening -the guys that built it. This type of behavior is extremely poor. Guys, get a clue, learn to conduct your business safely. If it walks like a jackass and quacks like a jackass….

  • Anonymous

    Jackasses don’t quack.