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Okay, we don’t do a lot of promotions or discounts at the Maker Shed, but last month we ran a “Dog Days of Summer” promo. A ton of you responded gleefully. But some folks cried foul because you were squeezing in that last week of vacation before school started and you missed it. Fair enough. Now that we’re all back at work or in school or testifying before congress for a $700 billion bail out plan, we’re going to close out September with a very cool Back-to-School special: Not only will we give a very generous 10% off every order, but with every order of $25 or more, we’re throwing in one of our new Maker Notebooks (think “inventor’s notebook meets Moleskine at Maker Faire!). Check ’em out.

Use code CRZYDAN for the discount, the Maker’s notebook will be added automatically.

I suggest getting anything Arduino related, it’s the best deal online at the moment.

But wait…while this offer is good through midnight San Francisco time September 30th, every couple of days the Maker Shed comrades have promised they’ll be shaking things up and sneaking in some additional special offers throughout the week at Fair warning – This time, when it’s over it’s over. We won’t have another discount like this again.

If you missed that use code CRZYDAN.

(Update: We have more Arduinos, get them while you can!!)

  • Ken

    What is the discount code?

  • Jared

    Same as Ken – can’t figure out how to use this discount!

  • Anonymous

    Maybe it’s the same as the last sale… ?

  • donn

    I’d consider buying things in the Maker Shed (and have in fact tried) but the incredible cost of international shipping (I live in Switzerland) is just too much. 50 USD shipping for a leatherman??

  • donn

    Ok I just tried again, I may have exaggerated a bit. It’s not 50 USD, but rather 38 USD with FedEx. That’s still a bit much, don’t you think? I’ve ordered many a thing from the US at a much lower cost than that for bigger items.

  • Robb

    Also re: International shipping, all duties, taxes and handling fees are paid for, which can jack up the price on the customers end.

  • Chris

    Do you need to add the Maker Notebook to your cart or is it automatically included in the order?

  • Robb

    No need to add to cart, any qualifying order will automatically get one. Cheers!

  • Colin

    Boo, out of Diecimilias, sad face.


    Mmm, I shall finally see for myself what all this Arduino stuff is all about!

  • double dag nabit

    no more arduino Diecimilias! noo! noo!

    any chance of getting more in before the sale is done?

    also- why not accept paypal. i got paypal money burning a hole in my virtual pocket.

  • dan

    yea, also interested in picking up a diecimila and proto shield and interested to know if MAKE is going to have stock before this sale is over.

  • Phillip Torrone

    gang! we have 60 more arduinos, get them while you can!!!