Gorgeous plywood laptop case by via NOTCOT.

This project is an exploration into the process of bending plywood. The laptop case is formed from two bend panels of plywood which slide along one another to encase the laptop computer.The case is lined with cork to provide additional heat resistance and protection. The case is lined with cork for a natural form of protection. The case opens and closes using two pieces of wood that slide along one another.

  • mlange.myopenid.com

    I was expecting some ugly plywood box, but this is great! I want one :x

  • lungofish

    I am so sick of Eamespunk….

    No, wait, I’m not. This is fantastic!

    Man, I really need to get a vacuum bagging rig set up in the ol’ workshop.

  • papatek


  • Laptop Fanatic

    Very nice.

  • www.hootoo.com

    Awesome, looks great, thanks.

  • Alex


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  • Michelle

    So want one!