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dronetot Bjoern Schuelke: Interactive art

Bjoern Schuelke makes these amazing pieces of interactive art. The one pictured above is “Drone #2“. [video] Check out the website for a lot more sculptures and even a few pictures inside the Artists studio.

The futuristic appearance of “Drone #2″ seems like a requisite from a science fiction film.The autonomous hi-tech construct, consisting of solar cells, heat sensors,propellors, videochips and a TFT monitor is suspended from the ceiling and reacts to the “warmblooded” spectator without him or her being able to directly influence its movement.


The above image is of Drone#4 [video]

Drone #4, Björn Schülke 2005
Autonomous observing system, working diameter 450 cm
materials: fibreglas, alloy, tft-monitor, cameras, loudspeaker, microphone, motors, sensors.

psr Bjoern Schuelke: Interactive art

Here is another one of my favoriies, Planet Space Rover. [video]

Planet Space Rover, autonomous observation system. Bjoern Schuelke 2004
build for the garden exhibition-project “Privatgruen II”, Kunstraum Fuhrwerkswaage, Cologne. heigth 290 cm, working diameter 300cm
materials: fibreglass, wood, alloy, motors, monitor, cameras, sensors, solar cells.

features: solar energy system; propeller powered rotating body; kinetic camera arms; monitor; long wave scanner; sound detector

More about Bjoern Schuelke

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