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Circbexample looks pretty cool, anyone use them?

CircuitBoardsToGo produces single layer circuit boards from your design. This service is typically used by students and hobbyists who need 1 or more simple boards for a project or testing.

Make Pt1136
Printed Circuit Boards from MAKE: 02: Home Entertainment – Step-by-step instructions for making your own PCBs at home by Andrew Argyle. To get MAKE, subscribe or purchase single volumes. MAKE: Digital Edition subscribers—read this article now in your digital edition!

  • Anonymous

    I recently had to give up making my own PCBs. I checked out dozens of PCB making websites. Most places required setup fees minimum quantities and high priced shipping.

    CircuitBoardsToGo is a fantastic deal where you can buy single boards for less than $7 bucks, no set up fees, and shipping is a flat rate of $4.99

    I was notified by email when my order was shipped out “the very next day” it arrived 2 days later in a US Priority package.

    The boards are just as advertised: nothing fancy – no double layers… Which is just what I need for 99% of my projects.