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  • Richard Kaufman

    Is there any way to get one of these?

  • Mike Estee

    @richard: send me a private email via flickr and I can make you one. alternatively, wait for my etsy store to get up and running. (user: mikest)

    • Cora

      Is there any other way you would feel comfortable getting in touch with people or taking orders? I’d absolutely love one of these hats, but don’t have a flickr account- would you be able to email me?

  • Junx

    Any chance you can put up some directions to make something similar to this, for those that are sew inclined? *groan*

  • navid

    These are fantastic. How open are you to taking requests from we the shabby public?
    I tried setting up a flickr account purely to contact you with a request but was unsuccessful in finding a mikest contact. Do let me know if you are in any way open to taking requests at the moment. I understand you may be hesitant, what with the potential of a deluge of requests. Let me know at anyway.
    You are some sort of sorcerer

  • Mike Estee

    @Junk – I’m thinking a CC licensed pattern of some sort could be in order. Thinking it over.

    @navid – Thank you :) So, currently I’m being inundated from all sides with requests for squid hats. I had no idea!! I’m going to make a few more and then figure out what to do next.

    I’m about to go on Thanksgiving vacation, I’ll get in touch with y’all once I get back around the beginning of December.

  • Anonymous

    I love these! They are a lot like cowls, scary cult of the squid! Doing a google search there seem to be quite a few different squid hats out there. This one even has a free pattern!

  • Navid

    I’d say the flood is a bit intimidating. Well, thanks for the reply and let me know about it whenever you get back.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Meddygon

    After seeing this … I need a squid hat for my baby.

  • fabcupcake

    I’d love to either purchase a hat or a pattern for the hat! Looks like your etsy site has been inactive for a few months, so I thought I’d try here.

  • jenb

    gah! loove! also much want… will check back!

  • Monique Daigneault


    I’d love to purchase a pattern for the hat. Do you sell them and at what cost? Do you ship in Canada (Quebec)? Thanks and hope to have a reply ;) (I don’t have a flickr account)

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