mousey120108 1 Mousey the BeetleBot?
mousey120108 2 Mousey the BeetleBot?

More robot fun from Mario Caicedo Langer. Here’s an interesting take on my Mousey the Junkbot AND Jérôme Demer’s BeetleBot. Mario built Jérôme’s bot and then used a Mac mouse as a shell on top, turning it into a Mousebot, or a different kind of BeetleBot, anyway. It’s a robot mash-up!


Weekend Projects: Mousey The Junkbot

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As the end of the weekend approaches, don’t forget to learn how to make Mousey the Junkbot!

Watch the podcast – Link
Read the PDF Article – Link
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Jérôme Demers, who did the BeetleBot project in Volume 12 of MAKE, has posted an updated version of the project, which is says is simpler to build, on Instructables.

How to Build a Robot – The BeetleBot v2 ( Revisited)

From the Maker Shed:

Maker Bundle #1: Parts for four bots


It’s CYBER MONDAY MAKERS! So in that spirit we were able to do up a quick code/sale for all our robot kits for today. It starts at 12:01 am PST 12/1/2008 and ends today at 11:59 pm PST. Use code CYBERM at checkout at the Maker Shed.

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