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The “Float-A-Pet” system is both a pet locator and safety system for pets. To find your pet at night, the collar illuminates solar powered LEDs around the neck of a pet. For safety, the collar includes an integrated humidity sensor that detects moisture and if you pet is submerged in water, automatically triggers the onboard CO2 cartridge to inflate and provide a floating life preserver.

Float A Pet

  • 802Chives

    hahaha, this is way too much. If it is reusable I cant see myself not throwing my dog in the pool just to see his expression when that thing inflates. too funny

  • Sean G.

    If the collar gets hung up on debris while in running water, won’t the animal die of hypothermia after a short while?

    Perhaps it would be better to own a larger animal or keep your smaller animal on a leash?


  • Anonymous

    Dogs can swim, right? It’s like dogs with clothes.. dogs have fur…

  • Anonymous

    “To find your pet at night, the collar illuminates solar powered LEDs…”

    Hmmmm. I’m not sure that solar powered LEDs would be my first choice for nocturnal illumination.

  • craig

    FINALLY! I am sick and tired of hunting for my dog in the floodwaters every other day. This will save me hours of search and rescue time every year.

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