Make Pt1646
We have some excited updates to the MAKE suggest a site form… – ok, exciting for us and some makers out there. You can now put your city, state and country in the form if you choose to. We like this, and makers asked for this, it helps us know where makers are doing things and also where we should go (and possibly get a MAKE group or Maker Faire going) — so please fill these out when you send in something. And lastly, there’s a new check box that indicates if you’re a MAKE subscriber – we get up a few hundred projects sent in a week, if you’re a MAKE subscriber let us know!

In a few weeks we’ll announce so BIG new things on the MAKE site, stay tuned!

  • Ryan

    Please, Please tell me one of the big new changes is going to be a better commenting system for this blog. Maybe something that is threaded and works a little cleaner like Digg’s (*gasp* sorry for the comparison)


  • Phillip Torrone

    @ryan – yes! we should have a better commenting system in a few weeks!

  • Ryan

    @Phillip — Wow, I some dreams really do come true!

  • Ryan

    D’oh! And maybe a way to edit our comments after being submitted ;-)