This amazing Transformer is made entirely out of LEGO. There isn’t a lot of information about the build, but there are more pictures of the completed project on the web site. I thought the police car was nice, never mind that it transformed into a giant robot!

More about the LEGO Transformer: Barricade [UniqueDaily]

  • Jake of All Trades

    “LEGO” is a mass noun, and should never have an “s” at the end of it.

    • Marc de Vinck

      Doh! What was I thinking? I’ll update the post! Thanks.

  • Michael Fusion

    that was hella cool!

    it transformed just like in the movie IMHO

    kid has a career ahead of him in 3-d animation

  • Thuli

    Very very impressive, I love it. A suggestion for the video, make it completely stop motion, no hands visible, maybe even do it against a background the same colour as the support frame, to look even more awesome

    • Marc de Vinck


      Stop motion would be great!