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MightyOhm’s WiFi radio project has is now ‘tunable’. The WL-520gU based digital radio uses analog control in the form of a basic linear potentiometer –

It turns out that this is mostly a software exercise, made simple by taking advantage of the analog to digital converter function of the Atmel ATmega168 AVR that is controlling the LCD display. The addition of the tuner control turns the display circuit into a very simple user interface. Turn the knob and the station changes. The position of the knob determines what station the radio is “tuned” to, and when combined with a calibrated scale it will make it easy to change to any one of the several streaming radio stations stored as presets (favorites?) in the router.

Very cool, perhaps a noise function could be triggered if the data connection is lost? – Building a Wifi radio Part 8

Collin Cunningham

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