Make a humane, compressed-air-powered bug trapper that removes unwanted, tiny pests from your world .Thanks go to Matt Lind for the original article in MAKE, Volume 06.
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  • mathew

    PDF link seems to be broken.

  • Maxster

    Desoldering pump works well on small spiders.

  • Amy

    My Dyson is a very handy bug killer.

  • dongzo

    Of note is that those ‘compressed air’ cans also contain some pretty nasty stuff as propellants. (If you’re warning about the PVC dust we should probably be thorough.) Not necessarily the sort of thing one would wish to vent into their home on a regular basis. (Not that i don’t use the stuff myself for cleaning electronics).


    a more elegant solution:

    Or just use lungs/bellows/piston/etc.

    • dongzo

      i do use the stuff myself* (can’t edit my post.. how ’bout a local 60 second ‘oops’ undo feature?)

  • Corey

    Made this with my kid and it’s friggin awesome. Only issue is the suction isn’t that great. Any way to improve that? Did I do something wrong???