One of the new features to make it into Flash 10 is the ability to generate software-based audio. There’s essentially an event callback that will trigger during audio playback that lets you fill an input buffer full of wavelength samples. I’m looking forward to seeing what types of generative music folks will be able to create with this.

gotoAndLearn has a quick introduction to the topic that lets you tweak a waveform based on mouse position (shown above), and Andy Hulstkamp has a quick rundown on the basics of generating and modulating a specific tone. If you’re a Flash hacker, go make some bleeps and blips and send us a link to your algorythmic creations in the comments.

Flash Player 10 Dynamic Sound
Generating Waveforms, Timbre and Pitch

  • pratfall

    Wake me when I don’t need some sodding thousand-dollar piece of Adobe bloatware to reasonably write a Flash app…

  • kp

    Fyi, we develope an online music application. Have a look at http://www.hobnox.com/index.1056.de.html

    You can play around with some 909s, 808s, 303s and a bunch of stompboxes which you can wire as you like.

    Have fun

  • Neil

    You can develop flash, flex and air apps for free using FlashDevelop, its really easy you just create a new project, get into the main.as file and start developing.

    Don’t moan about the cost of products if you are not willing to at least look around for alternatives, they have been around for years now.