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Phil sent me a link to this cool project that uses a Wii Nunchuck to control an Open Heart kit. Check out the link for a lot more information about the build, including the source code. You can purchase the Open Heart kit in the Maker Shed.Thanks Phil!

Recently I ordered the kit for an OpenHeart: an LED panel in the shape of a heart that uses charlieplexing to minimize the number of I/Os required to address the LEDs. The instructions were great and I picked up some tips to make my soldering better. The author made it very easy, even providing a flash-based programmer that lets you define your animation sequence and writes the code for you, so for animations all you need to do is cut-and-paste the code into the Arduino IDE and download it.

More about the Open Heart kit controlled by a Wii Nunchuck


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In the Maker Shed:
jimmiep openheart Open Heart kit controlled by a Wii Nunchuck
In the Maker Shed: The Open Heart kit

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