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Pt 2112
Looks like it might be possible to run other OSes without additional software on the TI-83

The ever-mysterious Benjamin Moody posted a cryptic message on the United-TI forum yesterday. In it, he listed the factorization of the 512-bit RSA modulus used by TI’s OS signing key for the 83+ (the “0004 key”). No other details are yet available about how he achieved this feat of substantial brute forcing power. In the event of United-TI downtime, Brandon Wilson has put a copy of Benjamin’s values on his personal website.

With this achievement, any operating system can be cryptographically signed in a manner identical to that of the original TI-OS. Third party operating systems can thus be loaded on any 83+ calculators without the use of any extra software (that was mentioned in recent news) Complete programming freedom has finally been achieved on the TI-83 Plus!

  • Hans

    Maybe try learning to read? Despite your claim it is very well documented how this was done, just a few postings down the thread.

  • Phillip Torrone

    @hans – re-read the post, i quoted… it’s not “our” claim.

  • Nony Mouse

    This news seems to have sparked an interesting phenomenon – the reddit/etc., articles about this post, and several mentions in blogs, seem to be rapidly disappearing from the Internet.

    Perhaps the numbers



    have some qabalistic power to unleash an Internet vacuum cleaner…

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