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  • Tien Gow

    I was lusting for one until I read the review: “This comes with one of the reasons the Segway never quite took off–an astronomical price tag of US$4,860.”

  • Chris

    It looks like your center of gravity is pretty high and you have a short wheel base. It seems like it’d be easy to go over the front if you hit a big rut or go large obstructions like railways. Still, seeing how small it folds up makes it very appealing. Heck, I wish I had a plain old bike that folded up that small. It seems like quite a niche product for $5000 though.

  • Simon

    Aside from solving a problem that doesn’t really exist (i.e. why not just walk instead of using this) that is horrendously expensive.

    It looks like it was made here in NZ. The lowest price they mention is 3500 Euros which is about $7000 NZ. Average income in NZ is something less than $45000. They definitely aren’t planning on selling many locally I think!

  • Kiril

    No doubt, this is not going to be a hit at this price, but it’s a cool concept.

    Anyone knows who’s singing the song?

  • Mark

    Cool idea!

    Love the song, ditto on who’s singing it?

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