The fine folks over at Telart have been baking up some special cookies. Instead of worrying about making their cookies look appetizing, they instead focused their efforts on making them look like a fiducial, and then used an augmented reality program to put their logo on top of the cookie.

This is pretty cool by itself, but think of the potential for the technology. Don’t like eating your veggies? Pop in the appropriate models, and appease your mom while nomming on delicious cookies. Want to build an obsolescence-proof kids cereal? Make fiducial-o’s instead, and let your customers download the latest software when they want to eat them. Forget to make a cake for your significant other’s birthday? No issue, just drop down a loaf of bread with one of these markers baked in, and voila! The possibilities are endless.

Check out their instructions to try this at home!

Update: Permissions on the video were updated to allow it to be included above.

  • Big Daddy Dave

    Until you follow the links and see the short video.

    • Matt Mets

      Yeah, I wanted to include it but they have disallowed embedding of their video. I’ll put up a more explicit link, though.

      • Tellart

        Sorry about that – the video can now be embedded! Best, Tellart

  • Vizigr0u

    “viola” actually means ‘raped’ as in “he raped (someone)” in French.
    Surely you meant “voila” ;)

    • Matt Mets

      Thanks for the catch. In English, a viola is a nice string instrument…

      • Mark

        In French rape is actually viol and not viola.

        Cool cookies though!

  • UR Augmented Reality

    Love this idea!!!!!. . . .

    Chris Brookfield
    Augmented Reality