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  1. cjc15153 says:

    Do any real nerds want to calculate the hours of rocking to minutes of reading ratio?

    1. Matt Mets says:

      I think the tricky part is picking a light source and a generator. I presume that the light should be chosen first, and the generator designed to meet that? I suspect that there won’t be a ton of energy available before the chair becomes uncomfortable to rock.

  2. fubarator says:

    It’s a stylish chair with lamp attached + high-tech wordage about nano-dynamos. The idea people have done their work. It IS a neat concept but the nerds shall take it from here. Nerds, whatever you do, please keep it from squeaking–that would ruin all the style.

    1. Matt Mets says:

      Hehehe, would it be ok if the chair was used to generate energy, which would then be used to play back a squeaking sound over some speakers?