Remember the amazing paper cutouts that I found at the thrift store last week? Well, I went back and picked up 10 sets to mail off to some lucky readers. Just leave a comment on this thread about your love of paper crafts for your chance to win one! The paper cuts are in pretty vintage envelopes, with multiple designs and colors in each. And their crafting potential is endless! The winners will be selected tomorrow so please enter by noon PST Thursday. And please include your email in the form field to be eligible (emails will not be published). Good luck!

  • kihaku

    i have several of flowers but i’ve not seen a peacock one anywhere and i love peacocks.

  • tamcan

    These are just beautiful! Thanks for a chance to win such a great find.I love being inspired by a unique Item. Paper crafting is so much fun theres always something new to explore. I started scrapbooking which has led to so many fun projects and I’m learning more everyday. Love my paper!

  • Karisa

    I LOVE these paper cuts, I have been thinking about trying my hand at paper cutting for some time & I think if I had some of these lovely vintage examples I might just be inspired to give it a go.

  • laura

    I have some framed around my home, they are so beautiful!

  • Amy T

    I adore paper crafts! This last weekend was spent crafting handmade cards for me bridesmaids-to-be. And with the holidays coming up, I know there will be tons of uses for these beauties!!! I hope I win!!!

  • Devin

    I love paper crafts. My craft box is overflowing with a ridiculous amount of paper + stickies + glue… and the peacock cut out is gorgeous!!

  • Rachelle

    Heading back from vacation I stumbled upon a Nikki McClure book and have fallen in love with paper cutting ever since. When it comes time for us to have children, I want to use a papercut design and paint it on a main wall and design the room around it. The problem, of course, will be picking out which design I want to use.
    These pieces are beautiful I love all of them.

  • Helms

    paper. fold, cut, glue
    abundance of things to do
    from trees grow art. life.

  • Fleur

    These paper cut outs look lovely!

  • jenifer

    love asian inspired anything!

  • Stephanie

    Love them! I bought a few at a library sale last year and was so excited!

  • Christine’s Curiosity

    I’m amazed that such delicate pieces of art could be found at a local thrift store! Cheers to finding them and extra spicy cheers for sharing the find!

  • shala_beads

    Glue sticks, paper, paint, glitter. I love paper.

  • Lisa

    Lovely! I’m going to have to dig out my exacto & cutting mat & give this a go!

  • Mel

    When I was a teenager I did a lot of papercutting. I’ve been wanting to start doing it again. I was recently reading about the papercutting of Hans Christian Anderson. How lucky were the children who he told stories to while making them papercuttings?!

  • alexia

    i would love to use one of these with a projector to blow up and paint on the wall of my guest room. . . .

  • Gwyneth White

    seriously, these are all soooo beautiful! i love the orange especially!


    Paper is such a beautiful, varied, and abundant medium, there’s nothing you can’t make with it. I recently got a book called “Papercraft” that I’d been waiting for for months and it is absolutely my favorite art book now. I would love to see what other awesome paper finds you got at the thrift store. Thank you for sharing!

  • Rumpazel

    I just started my paper crafting for Christmas including my Christmas cards and my gift tags. These cutouts are amazing. I do a lot of work with stencils and I know how hard it is to cut all of those little details out.

  • Tracy C.

    I love paper crafts. I have just never done very much of paper cutting, but it is something I have wanted to try. These you have pictured are just lovely.

  • Cassie

    I’m learning, slowly-but learning none the less about this old, cool art. I’d love to win these as some inspiration & especially the peacock one to be framed :)
    Thanks for sharing these with readers!

  • Laura S.

    I would LOVE to incorporate some of these designs into my work! Pick me, pick me! :)

  • MorganeG

    I absolutely love the style of these. Lived in a heavy Asian-influenced area all my life and never seen anything like this at my thrift stores! I remember as a kid trying to do paper-cutting….it usually ended up more like me covering the carpet of my room in shards of paper, but I always tried.

  • Alice

    Ah, these are so gorgeous! I’ve always liked the look of paper cutouts, but I’ve never quite had the patience to take them on.

  • Tabitha

    I started doing some very simple scherenschnitte years ago when not a pattern could be found easily. I just love working with paper–something about it is very relaxing and meditative for me.
    These remind me of a japanese artist that Mr. Rogers had on his show when I was a kid. He made the most beautiful paper cuts.

  • Xue

    Cardstock is my favorite material to use! My mother used to do cutouts in tissue-thin colored paper… Not quite there yet :)

  • Sarah C.

    I love working with paper, especially scrapbooking and embroidery on paper!

  • Eva

    As a child I had one paper cut-out that I treasured so much. I loved the attention to detail and the small cuts. I was so impressed! It was of a panda. Today whenever I see paper-cuts, I still feel a little nostalgia. I love them :)

  • natasha

    i love the simplicity of the paper along with the complexity of the design.. simply stunning…
    tata.turn at

  • Rinnie Rich

    From a young age, I have always had an obsession with paper and the amazing things you could create with it. I am always looking for beautiful and interesting piece of paper, whether it be a cut out, paper doll, vintage book pages, to use in my books I make or lay into hand made paper. These are extravagant as an object but also as a tool for mixed media pieces.

  • kristin

    These are beautiful I would love to be chosen in the give-away.

  • Rachel Ann

    I love paper crafts, and these cutouts are lovely. I can think of so many projects that they would be perfect for – thanks for the giveaway :0)

  • Adrienne

    These are beautiful! I just got married in July, and my wedding (Super Mario Bros – themed) featured a lot of papercraft. My bouquet was made of origami roses, and we made papercraft favor boxes (piranha plants – the box was the pipe that the plant comes out of) and reception table decorations (1 up mushrooms). I’m sure the party we’re planning for our first anniversary will feature more papercraft as well :)

  • May

    I love paper. There is nothing quite like opening a new pad of art paper, or sketch paper, or tracing paper, or… Glue + paper punches + scissors + paper = lots of potential!

  • Palila

    How cool are they?! I love the design, and also love making things with paper. So far, mine are more “paper-tears” than “paper-cuts,” but I’m working my way up!

  • Yarnivore

    I can think of dozens of ways I would use these. Love them!!

  • kaitlyn

    there are so many possibilities. thanks for this giveaway!

  • mary

    These are beautiful and right in tune with my life right now. I’m learning Mandarin, expanding my craft repertoire and just moved into a home with bare walls in need of these beautiful Asian-themed cutouts!

  • pif

    i wish i still had the papercuts i got at the science world china exhibit! winning these would fill the hole in my heart!

  • Urgwen

    They are sooo prety! Would make a great tamplates for prints!!! and home decor:)

  • Michelle Badji

    My students are learning about negative shapes in art. What amazing examples for them to see and notice how the “in-between” spaces can add so much to their artwork.

  • Jenny

    My great aunt used to travel the world, and one time she brought back from some place far away (and I was too young to remember or treat them with the care they deserved) a set of paper cut outs of horses, on rice paper. I had a dozen or so, one survives unharmed.
    What a beautiful find, and a generous offer!

  • massdestrucjen

    Oh my goodness! This is so exciting. These have been on my mind since you posted them the first time… I’m a web designer, and I kept thinking about how fantastic these images are for web design. The solid color really pops, but the intricate details catch you by surprise and draw you in. So beautiful! I’d love to have a set like this; I might just have to try my hand at paper cutting one of these days. :)

  • Nana

    OMG these are soo pretty! i want te peacock the most!!

  • Marlene Brady

    I’m a mixed media artist who would LOVE to win your giveaway. I treasure papers. I have some of the strangest, most beautiful handmade (& otherwise) papers out there. But, truthfully, after reading the comments ahead of me, I feel guilty entering. I mean teaching students about negative space way outweighs the fact that these make my heart sing. Thanks for your blog; it’s inspiring.
    Marlene Brady
    [email protected]

  • Pam

    Love these. So colorful and delicate

  • Salihan

    Such beautiful papercuts! I grew up playing with paper, folding and cutting. Bottling up paper love hearts for gifts. It was cheap and easy. I still love them today. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Rajesh Pancholi

    Decorating the home studio and this is the only papercut I want and it won’t hurt or sting when I put my hand in water!!

  • Knittingrid

    These remind me of the Chinese papercuts display at our community centre last year. One of our local artists practises the craft and filled the display with similar colours and themes. I’d love to have the cards!

  • Michelle

    These are beautiful – they would be a great theme to decorate my kids bedroom whenwe move next year. I do love papercrafts – I first got into them for my wedding. Paper bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages – time consuming but I loved them. And everyone still has theirs as a memento!

  • Valerie

    My fondness of paper comes from finding a way to decorate with it. I love taking cigar boxes and transforming them into beautiful pieces using cut outs, paper scraps, etc. Thank you for posting this give away.
    PSsst. the first one is definitely my favorite. I love the Anime feel to it.

  • Jessie

    Love these and love paper crafts — and I have the ridiculously cluttered craft room to prove it!

  • Tonks

    Paper crafts are the best because you can create anything with very little resources. Paper crafts are beautiful and these would be a welcome addition to my paper obsession!

  • Lisa

    I love paper cuts, I would love to try to make some of these into a luminary maybe using a large glass candle holder. What an amazing thrift score!

  • Malinda

    I have always loved paper, the texture, the patterns, and the way it smells (especially old books). Paper cutting is amazing to me – I have not the patience for it but do have an appreciation. I would totally frame these to hang on my walls.

  • Cheryl

    They are so beautiful! Great for a mixed media project!

  • Angelica Macklin

    I love the frugality and the versatility of paper crafts. You are only as limited as you think you are. Anyone can do paper crafts with any budget and any skill level. What’s not to love?

  • The French Frog Touch

    I love Asia so this is defintly for me !!!

  • wildish woman

    These are beautiful, I’m pretty new to paper crafts and so am on the look out for cool things for my stash.

  • boodeanie

    O.K. seriously we all love these or we wouldn’t be here commenting. I love working with paper in so many ways. Paper can add dimension and texture, create space for a message….there’s so much paper can do. I can see using these amazing cutouts to decoupage a box, use on a lampshade, frame it and hang it, or who knows what else. I adore the paper happiness.

  • robinsnc

    Ooh! I’m new to paper crafts, but not to collecting peacock items. Plus that vase is really funky! Thanks for the give away.

  • holycrow

    Wish I had a thrift store like that in my town. These would look lovely in my are journal. I’m trying to get pages up in a local art gallery and these cutouts would really inspire me in a new direction

  • pulltaffy

    Oh those are so nice! When I was little I used to love doing papercuts. I still have a few and honestly they are terrible but at the time I thought I was doing a wonderful job!

  • Pooja

    Paper crafts? You are asking me to detail my love for paper crafts? WHERE DO I BEGIN?
    I just finished cards for my cousin’s baby shower, cousin’s engagement party, brother’s engagement party, friend’s potluck dinner. I am in the midst of making a stack of “Save the Date” cards for my brother’s wedding.
    I just finished scrappbooking our summer trip to Paris. Oh la la.
    And we are heading to Japan soon. Know what’s on my itinerary? No temples, no modern architecture, no manga, no sushi. ONLY shopping for washi (paper).
    These cutouts would be put to SUCH good use. Send them my way and I promise to send pictures.

  • A Joyful Chaos
  • Faye

    I love paper cutouts and I wish I was able to make beautiful ones. All I end up with is paper cuts :(

  • Anjuli

    I love these! I wonder if they are hand-cut? Those tiny little curved cutouts look impossible to do with an exacto knife, which is my preferred tool for paper cuts. I love the elegance and detail you can have while still only using 2 colors! Yay paper!

  • lindsay

    I have always been a big admirer of paper cutouts and other paper crafts, and I have a few framed cutouts.
    These would be perfect to add to my collection! =]

  • MafiosaGrrl

    I can’t get enough paper-crafts. I’m officially addicted to making/trading ATCs. Lately, I’ve also been working on an altered-book journal and embroidered greeting cards. I know I have a problem with my love for paper but I’m not quite ready to join PCA- Paper Crafters Anonymous yet.

  • Aimeerie

    These are so beautiful – what a lucky find! I am new to paper cutting, but one of these would be perfect for the housewarming gift I promised my sister.

  • Taryn

    I chose to make my own baby book for my son instead of buying a premade one to fill in. I love it and think it is so much better and more personal than anything I could have bought.

  • Fanny

    i absolutely love paper crafts!!! i enjoy making cards, scrap booking, and folding origami. i have not tried paper-cutting yet but its on my list of crafts to try. =)

  • Yuliya

    These are gorgeous!! You are right, the craft possibilities are endless. I just bought a house, so I could definitely see these as wall art in any room!

  • Stina

    I’d love a vintage paper cutout to start my collection!

  • Kristen

    I love these. You can put them anywhere. Such an easy, cheap way to make your house pretty.

  • paperazza10

    What started out as simple pieces of paper become an amazing tribute to the endless possibilities of the creative mind – and a steady hand. As long as there are paper, scissors, imagination, and patience, no tree will ever die in vain.

  • KelseyLynn

    Pretty please? I want them

  • Sarah Francis

    I’ve been interested in paper cuts for awhile now…I even tried my hand at making some because I’ve been cutting out stencils for years, so I thought it would be pretty easy. Turns out, the fragility of paper cuts is very trying! So I definitely admire a beautiful paper cut. Thanks for the opportunity! The very blank walls of my new apartment thank you too.

  • Bonney

    You got these at the dollar store? I really need to stop by one soon. I had no idea you could get such neat stuff there! I love to win this giveaway! I especially love small paper crafts that you can do while watching a good movie.

  • Kristen

    I was stunned to see the paper cutouts featured last week- they reminded me so much of my early childhood. My mom, a Chinese American, used to have a beautiful paper cutout in the kitchen that I remember looking at for hours at a time. somehow, the small paper cutout vanished, likely due to my grubby grabby fingers. (oops!)
    Modern paper cutouts are beautiful, but I think that I’ll always be in favor of the delicate chinese papercuts that occupied my earliest memories. :)

  • Pascalle

    My mum always made elaborate paper snowflakes while I was growing up, but these guys aren’t symmetrical like hers were! How stunning — the bodhisattava one is my favorite :D

  • Alli

    Oh, I love these! There is something about paper (particularly vintage paper) that is just so inspiring. Thanks for the chance to win!

  • heroinechic79

    I want these so bad! I love thriftstore finds.

  • Laura

    I love them!!! I have always loved them!

  • Pearlie

    Oh, I love paper cutouts so much! My parents had one with some sort of fancy birds in their bedroom when I was small- I used to lie on their bed and stare at it for hours, trying to figure out how it had been done. I was thrilled when I discovered X-Acto knifes in seventh grade shop class!

  • RebeccaCT

    Papercrafts are actually my first love. Before knitting, before beading, before crochet.

  • Jesselyn

    I am just getting in to Asian paper cuts and loving it! These are gorgeous!

  • Jess

    I’ve loved paper for as long as I can remember! As a little girl, I would create crazy animal dolls out of found paper, masking tape, and scotch tape. I still love how versatile paper is, even in its simplistic essence- I think that paper cutting is a perfect example of that.
    Also, that sword girl is killer!

  • chelsea fields

    I love these paper cut-outs. I would love to frame some and put them around the house

  • danierenae

    These are gorgeous. I’ve been coveting them since the original post.

  • tracey

    I love paper cutouts! I hope I win, thanks!

  • Rachel

    I have so many ideas for these. You could even trace them and make more, and never run out!

  • lowrahk

    My Filipino nanay had similar cut outs in her house. I would love to use the cut outs around my own home. If I DON’T win.. I would love to see more scans. They are really clean scans and they bring back memories.

  • Steph

    I love paper cuts, and these are gorgeous. I’m re-doing my craft room, and these would fit in so well! Thanks for the give away!

  • Lindsay
  • Lindsay

    Apparently I don’t know what a form field is…

  • Annie

    Those are so beautiful. I loved them as soon as I saw last week’s post. They’re so intricate.

  • Sam

    Heck yes I love papercraft.

  • Marsha

    My four-year-old has just reached the point where she’s adept enough with scissors and a glue stick to start doing more complex paper crafts. I’d love to share these with her!

  • Lea-Ann

    I love all kinds of different paper crafts. They are so versatile and lovely!

  • Jenny

    So pretty! I love paper crafts – I’ve been really inspired by Amy Carol’s on her blog, Angry Chicken.

  • lids

    these are great.

  • marnie

    Ever since I was a little girl, and had a rare disorder that didn’t allow me to pick toys up of any weight, I have played and crafted with paper. Okay, not really, but I did play with lots of paper, and it is my very favorite medium for crafting. I have moved around alot and traveled and have always been able to keep myself amused and entertained with a notepad. These are beautiful, and I love them!!!!!

  • Lucy

    When I was a child I loved to create with paper – drawings, chains, crowns, body tracings, I tried them all. One day my dear crafty mother brought home a beautiful hardcover origami book and my joy for all things paper became a certifiable love! Paper cuts, in particular, hold a special place in my heart. Silhouettes are phenomenal in their way to capture a person’s visage with just a few quick snips of a piece of paper. I love how the traditions of so many countries involves the gorgeous paper cuts, which show so much detail, light/shadow and texture with just a few cuts in a single sheet!
    I’ve also been able to find one set of thrift store paper cutouts and I would really love to add another precious set to my collection – I am planning on framing those once I have a more permanent home (and an income – currently in graduate school!). Thank you for sharing these with the community!

  • norarachel

    I would love to use that top one to make a cut out for a friend’s new baby girl. Something fierce to protect her.

  • haliegirl

    Those are fantastic! One of my favorite paper crafts has always been origami. I don’t pretend to be good at it, but I do like trying to fold cranes and little hats from all sorts of paper.

  • Sue

    I work at a public library as an adult services librarian, and I have had two library programs on paper crafts, mostly pop-up cards. Both were very successful, drawing a bunch of people to the library. And the second program was back by popular demand!

  • Theresa

    I would love to have these paper cutouts to scan into my computer and play with! I could print more copies, decoupage things, make into stencils and stickers, blow them up to make wall art– the possibilities are endless!

  • Rebecca

    These are the greatest images. Thanks for offering them.

  • Bethany

    Over the past year, I’ve been working on getting more experienced with my xacto knife, making greeting cards for friends out of paint chips. Some relatives have been painting their house, and gave me all the samples they picked up when choosing a color. The possibilities are amazing, and I’d love to hang these on my wall as inspiration as I continue to learn what can be done, and brave the jump to more delicate papers.

  • Jennifer

    I love making things with paper, including paper cutouts. Nothing this beautiful yet, but they would make great inspiration! I’m sure I could find some great uses for them!

  • Geo

    These are marvy. Paper is my life—paper dolls, paper cuts, stationery, printing letterpress. Pick me? Please?

  • kookie

    thanks for sharing : )

  • b00kmark

    I have not tried any detailed paper-cutting yet but, I’m up for the challenge. I love your designs, the little Martial Arts girl and the Peacock are my favorites! Thank you for sharing your special find.

  • Annette

    I can picture the cutouts framed on my wall. I am renting a room so no painting but for some reason the cutouts call to my boring bedroom wall.
    Good luck to whoever wins and thanks for the chance. I dollar store shop regularly and have never found these….
    (great .99c alarm clocks though)

  • Sara

    I would love to own one of these cutouts. Thanks for posting this giveaway!

  • WoollyGrumper

    These are so beautiful, I absolutely love their detail. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Lora

    These paper cutouts are incredible! My mind is racing with all the possibilities.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • alli b

    i found a sweet little grasshopper pape cutout at a second hand store years ago & it is still one of my most treasured finds. Great giveaway!

  • Hilde

    Thanks for this giveaway. I love paper crafts not only as a hobby (they have been a part of my life since childhood), but also professionally, as I am a paper conservator. I have never seen these kinds of paper cutouts in real life, so I would love to win! I will probably run into them at work eventually, but it would be great to have one myself as they are so beautiful. It would also be interesting to examine them from a conservation point of view. And finally, I’ve just moved and still need things to hang on my walls, especially in my study/conservation workshop. What would be more appropriate?

  • Lillian

    I used to have a few cut paper pictures that my mom brought back from Taiwan. They’ve been lost in various moves over the years. I saw a program on tv years ago about paper cut out artists — their skill is amazing!

  • sherr

    I love these and they are already stirring the creative juices.

  • majeral
  • majeral

    Tried to stop the previous comment to correct “Asian”.

  • Katie cowden

    These are amazing!

  • Judean Patten

    thanks for being so generous :)
    I love all types of papercrafting–altered art, card-making, and scrapbooking being among my top favorites.

  • piper

    these are so great!
    nettysgirl at

  • paperazza10

    What starts out as a simple piece of paper becomes a tribute to the endless possibilities of the creative mind. As long as there are scissors, patience and imagination, no tree will ever die in vain. Thanks for thinking of your fellow paper crafters!

  • Tegan

    I’ve recently decided to teach myself how to create paper cutouts like these (though none of my attempts look very good yet). I love working with paper for all sorts of projects, but I’m especially fond of paper cutting thanks to Nikki McClure.
    Thanks for the chance to win these!

  • Krista

    I love paper art all framed up and put on the wall!

  • Jo

    How lovely! They remind me of the paper cutouts my Grandma used to make for her handmade Christmas cards every year. She was always coming up with new designs. I was always so amazed at the level of detail put in them. Grandma’s 92 now, and can’t make her signature cards anymore, but it’s nice to see such beautiful pieces of art again. Brings back memories!

  • Claire

    I appreciate paper cutout art so much more now that I’ve tried it myself! Also really enjoyed the paper art exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design in NYC.

  • Cassidy Stockton

    I just love things like this and would be so stoked to win. I’m a huge fan of Nikki McClure who does paper cut calendars.

  • ThunderMama

    These are gorgeous and would look absolutely wonderful in my daughter’s bedroom that I’m doing over with an Asian theme.

  • Beth Parker

    I am just getting into paper crafts. These would be great for making cards.

  • Kat Klahn

    These are beautiful and the crafting possibilities are endless. Great giveaway, thanks!

  • Debbie Buckland (NZ)

    what great paper cut-outs!
    They are very beautiful and will be very very handy for my paper crafting.

  • Nicole

    I am still somewhat new to crafting myself, and mostly work with paper, so I definitely appreciate the beauty of taking a simple medium like paper and creating something so intricate and beautiful. These are stunning!

  • Kecia

    those are so beautiful! what a find! I’ve recently been introduced to the world of altered books and would love to feed my burgeoning obsession with these little gems . . .

  • carilou

    It’s just another one of my big ideas
    It’s just another one of my vintage years
    I took another swing from the chandelier
    It’s just another one of my big ideas
    Lyrics by the Cutting Crew
    Rock on with your paper cutouts!

  • carilou

    It’s just another one of my big ideas
    It’s just another one of my vintage years
    I took another swing from the chandelier
    It’s just another one of my big ideas
    lyrics by the Cutting Crew
    rock on with your paper cutouts!

  • carilou

    first time poster. thought it didn’t go through. mental note, new posts at top of page. sorry :)

  • rachelhead

    let the children dance, dance I say!
    I’m here now….give me those cutouts. :) Please!!!! I’ve been doing my own cutouts that I make from the audubon series on birds. I only shop at thrift stores, so I know all the deliciousness to be found. You are nice to share in your treasures. May you choose the right person! meeeeee.

  • pinkorange
  • carilou

    when all i can think about are paper crafts :) thanks to this blog i now have project supplies hidden all over my office. it started innocently enough with a batch of paper beads. now i’m in deep and i feel kind of dirty. i craft behind my computer or leaning over a drawer. i’ve even gone down to the floor behind the desk. i check your blog over and over and over again, wait-wait-waiting for the end of the day when i can come out of my crafting closet and create beautiful things in the open. Thanks for your work and generosity! i’m a big fan of both.
    Happy day to all!

  • Heather Roark

    Those are so beautiful! Ever since I was a kid I have loved paper crafting. I remember I was in the hospital once as a kid (tonsils) and I had a nurse who, to cheer me up, would make things out of paper for me. He made me a crane, one of those games (you know you pick a number then another number and then get your fortune)Then on the last day he gave me a paper snowflake. (I don’t know if he made that) It was so delicate and intricate that my mom had it laminated. You know I still have it to this day!
    Viva La Paper!

  • talia

    these are gorgeous! i think at least part of the reason i like working with paper is because i’ve always loved books and reading. there’s something about a book that can never be replaced by digital media! :) so my love for tangible paper awesomeness translates into lots of collages, but lately i’ve been wanting to try papercutting. there are way too many beautiful examples on etsy..mmm.

  • Heidi

    Love these! You’re very thoughtful to grab some more to share the wealth! Thank you even if I don’t win them.

  • Judith

    I have a lovely vintage cutout framed in my living room and would love to add some friends for my pretty lady. You are very generous to share your cutouts with a lucky reader!