Fabio Viale makes incredible marble sculptures that appear to be made of foam. No description of the build process is included, however I assume that it includes a healthy dose of elbow grease. [via kottke]

  • dave

    I’d think one would want to make this kind of effort on just the opposite… making foam sculptures look like marble.

    • Matt Mets

      Here and I was thinking it would be funny to ship these in foam packing material that is made up to look like marble…

  • scott

    I don’t know this work, but it’s possible that this is cast marble – a blend of marble dust and some sort of binder (epoxy?). If so, these could have been carved from styrofoam originally, a mold taken, and then the marble poured into it.


    THAT IS NICE. But what happened to Mona Lisa’s nose???? :(