Wondering what something you own would look like under a scanning electron microscope, but don’t happen to have one in your garage? Well, then you might be interested in this intriguing offer from ASPEX: a complimentary SEM scan of your favorite object!

This looks like a really awesome service, however I am a bit suspicious- their sample photos are all high quality stock images, and there doesn’t seem to be a way to specify the orientation of the scan. Anyone want to try it out? Be sure to let us know your results!

[Thanks, Matt!]

  • CircuitGizmos

    I’m not sure what the black and white photos are all about, but that cat definitely is composed of a lot of moldy cheese.


    • Matt Mets

      Huh, this definitely confirms some suspicions I had about the nature of felines!

  • Nate

    …is anyone else concerned with the idea of someone packaging their cat, and shipping it to some potentially seedy company?

    I would NOT like to be the chap who has to operate the microscope that this particular kitty is under.

  • SEMtime

    once the chamber is pumped down the kitty gets very very quite. Who I’d hate to be is the person who opens the box once the kitty is returned.

  • Rob

    … .. A Mr Schrodinger I assume… :-O

  • Anton

    The picture of the one titled “More Mold Under an SEM” is the moldy sandwich bag seen on the Boing Boing: