A friend of mine claimed you can make a laser from a gin & tonic, and so I had to find out more. It turns out that not only can you make a very poor laser using ethyl alcohol, you can also make one from Jello! Well, not the actual Jello like you’d find in a grocery store – instead it would be a non-toxic variation of the traditional dye laser held in gelatin rather than liquid — but edible and lasing none-the-less!

Stephen Wilk explores these and more edible possibilities in this article for Optics & Photonics News (embedded magazine reader). Alternative source: (google docs)

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  • Coyote

    Is it possible someone really could appear to have the sun shining out of his…

  • Scott Messinger

    But is it possible to synthesize excited bromide in an argon matrix? :) (100 pts to anyone who gets that reference)

    • John Pattillo

      And as soon as we applied a field it would be radiatively coupled to the ground state.

    • ramurphy

      It’s like lasing a stick of dynamite

    • Bruce H. McIntosh

      ICE… IS… NICE!!!