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  1. jimofoz says:

    There’s some rare earth magnets you could bury in the wood that would probably hold the car, let alone the “unwieldy set of keys” that many carry.

    1. Matt Mets says:

      Ha, good point. Ok, I wonder if my wall is strong enough to support the unwieldy car that I drive around?

  2. Jesse says:

    I love this idea, but wonder if it would harm my car keys that have a security chip in them, as well as controlling the door locks, and ID for the seat settings.

  3. Thomas S Wilkinson says:

    Nice design, but a lot of my keys are non-ferrous.

    In fact out of the 8 keys I carry around, only 1 would stick to a magnet.

  4. Thomas S Wilkinson says:

    but is suppose the keyring would stick, but still wouldn’t look as cool as the photo above.

  5. Random_Tangent says:

    But also holds your mail.

    It holds my giant set of keys rather well and has yet to cause any problems with a small array of chipped keys and security swipey things. Not bad at all for 13 bucks.

  6. Simon says:

    I just bought a stack of 1mm thick by 8mm diameter rare earth magnets. You could glue one of them to each non ferrous key and then they would stick no problem.

    As long as your electronics don’t use hall effect sensors (unlikely) I don’t think the magnets would affect alarm fobs and so on? You wouldn’t want to stick your magnetic swipe/credit cards to it though of course!

  7. The Mighty Twix says:

    I really like this… Great look simple design, and functional… I only worry about people with USB drives on the key chain.

    Other than that great make.

  8. CircuitGizmo says:

    “I only worry about people with USB drives on the key chain.”

    USB devices are not sensitive to magnets.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Not a bad idea.. plus you can probably “make” one today with a magnetic knife holder 

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