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In yesterday’s discussion about breadboarding techniques, Carnes left a comment to share his method for making breadboard wires. Looking for something a little more flexible than solid core wire, but not willing to spend much money on flexible breadboard wires, he decided to make his own using some old telephone wire, legs from old LEDs, and some heat shrink tubing. Excellent way to re-purpose some old materials into a useful tool!

In the Maker Shed:


Deluxe Breadboard Jumper Wires

Deluxe Breadboard Jumper Wires


    Just cut and strip some bell wire: save that extra time to make circuits.

    • Carnes

      To each their own : ) I do a lot of breadboarding and work with the arduino is all about the breadboarding. I prefer to use flexible wires over bell wire too. Makes it easier to re-wire stuff and poke through the wire forest without pulling anything loose.

      yay! Glad to make it on the Make Blog, feels good.


        Gotcha… I’ve been known to solder header pins to strand wire pulled form cat5 cable when things get hairy like that… I just don’t think I ‘d have the patience to do it ahead of time.