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  1. unigamer says:

    I love it.

    @Make – the link “tons of awesome pictures” has a typo in the source. “hrerf”. So the link doesn’t work (at least for me in firefox)

    For anyone wanting the link:

  2. John Baichtal says:

    Thanks, unigamer — fixed!

  3. MadRat says:

    The guy who made it says this was his hardest to build project yet. However, he also had videos of a two axis, three LED project and even a two axis, one LED project that both looked amazing.

  4. myx_2000 says:

    Simply wonderful. I would imagine that trying to get the thing balanced so it did not shake itself off the table would be a PITA.

  5. I’m very interesting in this project. I would love to build the same, but I’m not sure I’m able to…
    I didn’t find it in the link, but someone know all the materials needed to build this ?

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